Reviews of 'The Gathering'

Cover of The Gathering

Marianne Segal featuring Circulus (2007)

An inventive blend of ancient and modern sounds ... a remarkable update on that pastoral folk sound of the early '70s

Mick Houghton, Uncut magazine, June 2008

There is something enchanting around every corner of this album ... Marianne has given something wonderful to everyone who wondered where she has been for the last few decades

Iain Hazlewood,, 2008

Buyers' comments

Some comments from people who have bought The Gathering ...

"How fantastic it is to have Marianne back making gorgeous music again! I think the new CD is really fabulous."
Tom, UK

"... inventive, uplifting and suitably bewitching ..."
Henry, UK

"Many thanks for a wonderful record. Why did we have to wait so long!"
Robert, UK

"It's a brilliant album!"
Dan, UK