A collection of links related to Marianne Segal and Jade:

Circulus's official site
Neo-medieval folk-rock band featured on Marianne's 2007 album, The Gathering.

Graeme Taylor's official site
Ongoing collaborator with Marianne and former member of Gryphon, Home Service & The Albion Band.

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre's official site.
Featuring guitarist & chief songwriter, Root Cartwright, whom Marianne performed with for many years. Root plays on Dreamers on The Gathering.

James Litherland's official site
Guitarist who performed on the original Jade album as well as the 2004 Jade reunion gig. Former member of Colosseum.

Paris Motel's official site
The band led by Amy May who contributed strings to Marianne's 2007 album, The Gathering.

Bill Steer & Firebird's MySpace page
Guest guitarist on The Gathering - founder of blues-rock band Firebird and former member of Napalm Death.

Miles Davies - photographer
Portfolio of Sussex photographer, Miles Davies, whose photos feature on the front & back covers of The Gathering.

Soundology - Malcolm Laws & Nainita Desai
Music composition and Sound Design for visual media including many well-known TV programmes.

Sandy Denny website
Re Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention, Fotheringay), a contemporary of Marianne whose vocal style has been described in magazine reviews as being in a similar vein to Marianne's.

Pete York's official site
Drummer on the Jade album and still performing.

Pete Sears' official site
Bassist on the Jade album. Formerly of Jefferson Starship and still gigging.

The Tapestry of Delights (book)
The comprehensive guide to British music of the Beat, R and B, Psychedelic and Progressive eras, 1963 - 1976

Martin Nail
English folk and traditional music on the Internet - a guide to resources.

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