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Update: CDs and downloads of albums or individual tracks (MP3 or FLAC) can now be bought from Marianne's shop on Bandcamp.
Visit the Marianne Segal & Jade shop on Bandcamp (opens in new window/tab).

Fly On Strangewings: The Anthology

A 3-CD box set including 16 previously unreleased tracks/versions

Cover of Anthology box set

Released on 25 August 2017

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12 September 2017

Fly On Strangewings: The Anthology, a 3-CD box set released

Cover of 2017 Anthology box set

Released on 25 August 2017, Fly On Strangewings is now treated to a deluxe 3-CD edition which finally tells the full story of Marian Segalís musical career. Compiled and annotated with Marianís involvement, this new package offers a second disc of early recordings of Marian with fellow Jade member Dave Waite, while Disc Three brings the story more up-to-date with solo and Marian Segal Band recordings.

The box set includes 16 previously unreleased tracks/demos/live versions/rehearsals. The full track listing can be viewed here. Liner notes detailing Marian's entire career include contributions by Jeff Wayne (War of The Worlds) and Mick Houghton (author of Sandy Denny's biography, I've Always Kept A Unicorn).

The anthology can be purchased for 16.99 GBP plus shipping from Cherry Red Records or, alternatively, from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon USA.

9 October 2011

Marianne goes digital

Bandcamp logo

Exciting days! All of Marianne's 4 albums are now available in digital format on the excellent Bandcamp website, for the very reasonable price of 6.50 GBP each. If you prefer the highest quality MP3s, want your music in lossless FLAC format or need Ogg Vorbis for your Linux system, you have the choice (including other formats as well such as AAC).

All the downloads include

  • a complete PDF booklet of liner notes and CD tray inserts
  • embedded cover art

The albums also come with 1 or 2 bonus live videos from the Acoustic Harvest DVD - you can preview them on our Video page. Jade's Fly On Strangewings and Marianne's Circulus collaboration, The Gathering, even have, embedded in the digital files, the lyrics which are viewable with suitable devices/software (such as Windows Media Player).

So, plenty of bang for your buck!

If you're still a fan of the small plastic disc, they are (2017 EDIT) still available at Marianne's Bandcamp shop.

And that's not all …

Since Marianne is offering streaming of all the tracks on all her albums at Bandcamp.com, it seems silly not to do so here as well. So, head over to the Audio page to listen, sing along, tap your toes and then listen some more.

All streams are low-ish quality 128kbps MP3 but the MP3 downloads at Bandcamp are of the highest quality, 320kbps. (Other formats are also available).

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