Marianne Segal songs recorded by other artists

Year Song Recorded Artist & Album Format Label Cat no.
* Co-written by Marianne Segal & Julie Felix
** Stanyan Records distributed by Warner Brothers
1970 Fly Me To The North Rod McKuen Double LP ** Stanyan Records WB2WS1894
1972 Fly Me To the North Back Alley Choir LP York Records FYK 406
Back Alley Choir
1974 Mrs. Adams Rod McKuen LP Warner Brothers BS 2817
1974 Sit Yourself Down Vigrass & Osborne LP CBS Records S80 119
Stepping Out
1989 The Holy Grail * Julie Felix LP Remarkable Records RR199
Bright Shadows
1993 Child of The Universe *
Man to Man *
Julie Felix LP Remarkable Records RR399
Branches In The Mist
1993 Fly Me To The North John & Mary CD Rykodisc RCD10259
Weedkiller's Daughter
1998 Till Now * Julie Felix CD Remarkable Records RR599
Fire - My Spirit
1999 Till Now * Julie Felix Double album Remarkable Records RR699-2
QEH Birthday Concert
2005 Swallow Circulus CD / LP / CD single / 7" single Rise Above Records RISECD63 / RISELP63 RiseMCD65 / Rise7/65
The Lick On The Tip Of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent

Appearances on compilation albums

Year Song on album Album Format Label Cat no.
2005 Fly on Strangewings (Jade) Feber 2 Andres Lokko Folk CD Amigo Music (Sweden) AMSCD114
2006 Swallow (Circulus feat. Marianne Segal) Welcome To The People Tree CD People Tree Records SEED01
2008 Mrs. Adams (Jade) The Crow Club CD People Tree Records SEED04

Watch a YouTube video of Mrs Adams being performed by Katy Carr & Circulus at The Crow Club album launch.

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