Marian Segal Band gig history, 1972-75: Part 1

A listing of all the gigs, TV & radio appearances that the Marian Segal Band did. Starting with 1972 when the trio of Marian Segal (vocals, acoustic guitar), Dave Waite (electric guitar) and Lee Oliphant (electric bass) hit the road for the first time under the name Marian, Dave & Lee...

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  • Colchester Folk Club
  • Scottish TV - with Settlers, Magna Carta, and Rab Noakes


  • Chelsea Folk Club, London
  • Wolverhampton Folk Club
  • Queen Mary's College, London
  • Gypsy Hill College
  • Benfleet Folk Club, Essex
  • Oval Folk Club, Hendon, London


  • Wolverhampton Folk Club - with Lafayette
  • Hitchin Folk Club, Herts.
  • Richmond Folk Club, 'Hanging Lamp'
  • Billericay Folk Club, Essex



  • Oval House Festival, 3 shows
  • BBC1 TV - Theme music written and recorded for 13-week series, Down to Earth


  • Gypsy Hill College
  • Alcester Folk Club, Birmingham
  • Havant Folk Club, Hampshire
  • Birmingham Folk Club
  • Chelmsford Folk Club
  • The Holyground Folk Club, Surrey
  • Hitchin Folk Club, Herts
  • Wheaton Aston Folk Festival
  • Baldock Folk Club


  • Hastings Folk Club
  • Welwyn Garden City Folk Club


  • Brighton Folk Club
  • Portsmouth Folk Club
  • Hammersmith Folk Centre, London
  • Southend Folk Club
  • Chelmsford Folk Festival


  • The Playhouse, Harlow
  • Benfleet Folk Club, Essex
  • Digby Folk Club
  • Portsmouth Folk Club
  • Club Rex, Bognor Regis


  • University of Sheffield
  • Tyne Tees TV - The Settlers Show
  • 11th - University of Surrey Folk Club, Guildford (Thanks to Cliff Brown for the date)
  • NE London Polytechnic
  • Hornchurch Folk Club


  • Hitchin Folk Club, Herts.
  • High Wycombe Folk Club
  • Wolverhampton Folk Club


  • Club Rex, Bognor Regis
  • Midhurst Folk Club, Essex
  • Hitchin Folk Club, Herts.

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