Marianne Segal: July 1974 - 2010

Part 2

To follow were many and varied roads:

  • Live, acoustic work in Surrey and London, 1979-80
  • 1980 for six months, played keyboards, percussion and was backing vocalist for a local band called Talk Like That
  • Recordings and co-song writing with record producer Eugene Moule 1982/1983 - working at the famous Abbey Road Studios for one of these sessions
  • Rehearsing with Root Cartwright and Josh Kirby
  • 1984-86 Session singing and playing in a local band with friends and fellow musicians, Graeme Taylor (Gryphon/Home Service) and Simon Law (later to join Soul II Soul)
  • Solo work and music festival work with Graeme Taylor
  • After some time without recording new material, Marianne saw an ad in her local paper for a recording studio, where she met producer, Ian Catt (Saint Etienne), in October 1987 and began recording some of her songs over the coming years at Ian's studio
  • Writing for films and jingles 1987-88
  • 1989 Marianne co-produces the album Branches in the Mist for Julie Felix at Ian Catt's studio.
  • 1989 Lead vocalist (performing with the Aldbrickham Band) in a musical, Vincent, written about the life of Vincent Van Gogh
Marianne with Graeme Taylor & Laurie Harper
  • It was around 1989 that Marian changed her name to Marianne.
  • Rehearsing with Graeme Taylor and Laurie Harper (from Pyewackett), with a view to live work, 1989
  • Live work with The Aldbrickham Band based in Reading, 1990 to date
  • 1993, a tour with Julie Felix to raise finances to build a Healing Centre in Glastonbury
  • Live work with Home Service, 1993
  • Solo concerts 1994-95
Marianne with The Aldbrickham Band
  • Further live work with The Aldbrickham Band performing the Jade songs, 2003

In 2004 the original Jade album, Fly On Strangewings, was about to be re-issued and the original Jade group reformed to do a special reunion gig in London (documented elsewhere on this site).

Around this time, Richard Allen from Delerium/Lightning Tree Records introduced Marianne to Michael Tyack from Circulus, and Michael asked her to do one of her songs on their first album in 2005. Cover of Circulus single, 'Swallow', featuring Marianne He chose her song Swallow which Marianne recorded with Circulus their album, The Lick On The Tip Of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent, released on Rise Above Records. It was then chosen as the single from the album and it charted at number 3 in the NME's End of 2005 Readers' Charts.

Marianne joined Circulus at a gig at The Underworld in London in 2005, to sing Swallow live with them.

She has continued writing songs over the years. In 2005, she felt sure she wanted to record a new album, and got together with friends, Eddie Hopewell-Ash, Mick Paul and Graeme Taylor to do some pre-recording workouts along with other musicians such as Mike Gregory and Jon Davie (both from Home Service.)

Later Richard Allen suggested that she join creative forces with Michael Tyack & Circulus to do an album. Both thought about the idea for a year or so and then things got rolling in January 2007 using some of the songs Marianne had rehearsed in 2005. The outcome was the critically-acclaimed album, The Gathering by Marianne Segal featuring Circulus, released in December 2007.

In January 2007, Marianne, Circulus and Alison O'Donnell from Mellow Candle recorded a television slot for BBC2's The Culture Show though this was never broadcast.

Two years after her previous gig, Marianne performed in October 2008 at East Grinstead with Michael Tyack, Will Summers & Michael Sanderson. All 6 songs they performed at this mini-festival are included on the Acoustic Harvest DVD available here on this site. A video of Swallow from this gig can be viewed on the Video page.

In 2009 Marianne spent time at RMS Studios, Norwood, going through archive recordings on reel to reel tapes and putting together some of these tracks for the release in February 2010 of Gypsy Girl: Archives 70s, 80s & 90s Volume 1.

As of March 2010, Marianne is rehearsing for some live work later in 2010 and is also putting the finishing touches to her children's book of comic rhyme - a project that she has been working on since 1999.

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