Marianne Segal: July 1974 - 2010

Part 1

Towards the end of The Marian Segal Band, Marian had become involved in other projects, one of which was narrating on the soundtrack of The Christmas Messenger (Jeff Wayne's 1974 TV Special) with David Essex. The film starred Richard Chamberlain with music by Jeff Wayne.

Around the same time, Marian and Dave Waite recorded guitar and backing vocals for a track on the album Steppin' Out by Vigrass & Osborne. Jeff Wayne produced the album and this particular track was one of Marian's songs, Sit Yourself Down.

After The Marian Segal Band folded in late June 1975, Marian signed a publishing and production deal with Jeff Wayne (known for his work on War of the Worlds and recordings with David Essex). This deal was made on the strength of Marian's demo recordings of original songs made with Julian Mendelsohn in 1975. This led to some master recordings with Jeff Wayne and The Real Thing in 1975. Other musicians on these sessions were Chris Spedding - guitars, Alan Hawkesworth - keyboards, Ken Freeman - synthesisers, Barry de Souza - drums, Tony Carr - percussion, Mike Thorn - bass, Backing vocalists: Julie Covington, Liza Strike, Barry St. John & The Real Thing. Strings & Production - Jeff Wayne.

Marianne - Jeff Wayne photo session

However, the image she was being asked to portray was more for the 'Pop' market and she had a dilemma as to whether to continue on with this direction, or to pull out and stay closer to her roots. She decided to return to her folk rock roots.

Aside from the many television and radio jingles Marian was booked to sing on (including Shredded Wheat, Pledge polish, Colman's Gravy Mix, Colgate toothpaste, Taunton Cider & Tampax (on Radio Luxembourg)), she formed a new working band with the assistance of Julian Mendelsohn. The situation attracted quite a few up and coming, and well-known musicians to Milner Sound, the studio where they rehearsed in Fulham, London.

One of the main members who stayed with her for some years through the musical changes was Root Cartwright, whose previous band was Principal Edwards Magic Theatre. Root played lead guitar. Dave Waite also joined Marian's new band for a while as second guitarist. Other musicians involved in the band rehearsals at this time were Andy Summers - guitar, Pete York - drums, Joe Gillingham - keyboards, Steve Thompson - bass, Eric Dillon - drums, Paul Karus - bass, Les Nicol - guitar, Dennis O' Brien - keyboards, Simon Byrne -drums & Ian Fordham - bass. Some recordings were made of these rehearsals.

Sex Pistols Around this time, Marian was taken under the wings of The William Morris Agency for a while and had interest from Rocket Records. However, the punk era was just beginning and further eroded the declining mainstream interest in folk music (started by glam-rock), making it difficult for her to obtain a record deal or publishing deal at that time.

She was still recording demos of her new songs with Julian Mendelsohn until 1978 and working with James Litherland of Colosseum and Pete Sears (later to join Jefferson Starship). Both had played on the original Jade album.

Marian had her daughter in 1978.

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