Jade, 1970-71

Jade was formed during the making of the album Fly on Strangewings. Initially, Rod Edwards was playing as a session musician and the name Jade had not been put forward as yet. DJM Records wanted the album to be promoted live, so when the album was finished, Jon Miller suggested that Rod join Dave and Marianne as a trio and gave them the name Jade. Although Rod Edwards had other commitments to fulfill later, this gave them a good start to go out and start the live work as they had been recording the album together and had formed a bond.

Jade consisted of Dave Waite (guitar, banjo, bass and vocals), Rod Edwards (keyboards, bass and vocals) and Marian Segal (vocals, guitar, percussion).

Dave Waite had been in the sucessful group, The Countrymen, and then worked with Marian as a successful duo in folk clubs in the UK. Rod Edwards had his own recording contract with Roger Hand, and worked as The Piccadilly Line, and later, Edward's Hand and had recorded three albums in the process.

Recording the Jade album

The Jade album was recorded in March 1970, at Trident Studios, which was situated just off Wardour Street in St. Anne's Place, Soho, London. Fly On Strangewings, was released in August 1970, with much appraise from Melody Maker and became their Folk Album of the Month. A single from the album, Alan's Song, had been released in June 1970

Jon Miller produced the album for DJM Records, and Robin Cable engineered. Contributing musicans were:

  • John Wetton - Bass (King Crimson, Family, Asia etc.)
  • James Litherland - Guitar (Mogul Thrash, Colosseum)
  • Pete Sears - Bass (Fleur de Lys, The Sam Gopal Dream, Jefferson Starship)
  • Michael Rosen - Guitar (Eclection, Fotheringay)
  • Clem Cattini - Drums (Rumplestiltskin, The Tornadoes, The Ivy League)
  • Terry Cox - Drums (The Pentangle)
  • Pete York - Drums (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin and York)
  • Mick Waller - Drums (Rod Stewart)
  • Harry Reynolds - Bass
  • Phil Dennys - String arrangements
1970 Jade promo material

The album photographs were taken on Hampstead Heath by Barrie Wentzell. Cover design was by Jon Miller and Jim Goff.

The UK pressing of the album was a gatefold cover with inside photos, credits and lyrics. It was simply called Jade on the front cover, and was released by DJM Records in the UK. The USA pressing was on Bell Records, with a single album sleeve with lyrics and credits on the back, and was credited to Marian Segal with Silver Jade.

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